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Operation Foxley

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Posted 23 November 2002 - 06:27 AM

Operation Foxley was the British plan to asassinate Hitler. Poison his milk, blow up his car, shoot him. These were all plans to asassinate Hitler.

For example

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Hitler spent a lot of time in his Eagles Nest in Berchtesgarden. Intelligence noticed that Hitler every afternoon would walk from th Eagles Nest to the tea room at the bottom of the hill. He would walk with only a friend and no bodyguards. There they would drink some tea and then they went away with a car that was waiting for them. Two teams would be sent into Germany. One team would have a high telescopic rifle and the other team would be a bazooka team. The first team would try to kill Hitler with the rifle. If the first team would fail, the bazooka team would come in action. They would blow up the car which would be used to bring Hitler back to the Eagles Nest. The plan could almost not fail. The plan was approved by Winston Churchill but it was called of the last minute because the Allied high command thought there was a bigger chance that Hitlerís Generals would kill him


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